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My name is Toby Martyn I am a professional trials rider. I have ridden bikes since the age of three, my first competition was at age 5 and it then took off from there. I tried motor cross but I could not bare the waiting around and doing nothing. I just wanted to spend my time riding and that’s when Trials came into my life. 

I won my first British title is 2008 on a gasgas 50, I then went on to win two more British titles after that. Then in 2017 I signed my first ever professional contract with the Vertigo factory team. But during this time I was still at school which didn’t last very long as I soon realised that trials was what I wanted to do as a job. I then turned fully professional in 2018 and I also signed for Honda Montesa with the RG trial team. They set my career off and I owe so much to the team manger (Rudi) and Honda for believing in me. That year I had my best results and finished the championship in second but closely loosing the win on the tie break for the championship. But that’s sports hey!! I then went on to sign for Beta factory racing in 2019 but unfortunately I had one of my worst years since becoming professional and unfortunately I could not gel with the bike. So for 2020 I was looking for change and that’s when I signed for TRRS which is the team that I was supported by until the end of the 2022 season. For 2023, I am embarking on a new challenge and opportunity and this will be announced soon!

Let’s see what else the future brings! 

MY LIFE: About


XTrial, World Championship and British Championship



A night to remember! My first ever Xtrial podium. I started off by winning the first round of the night and defeating the King of trials Toni Bou, which was a surreal experience in its self. The pressure was still on for the second round, I had to keep my cool and that's what I did... I ended the night in third place. This is something I have dreamt of for years, standing on the podium amongst the best riders in the world. I finished my XTrial World Championship campaign in 6th overall which is a respectable position after missing one round due to a clash with the British Championship series.



My first year in Trial GP had a mixture of ups and downs; I learnt a lot at every round. I knew it would be hard... although I definitely underestimated how hard exactly it would be. My best result was in Andorra I finished in 8th place. It's not the position I wanted from this year, but I know that with a new motivation and a lot of hard work I can be up with the best next year. This year made me realise that although my ability is there, it's the small minor errors that when competing at such a high level you cannot afford to have.



A close year... but finishing up the championship felt amazing. I started off my season with a win at Hookwoods which is always a round I really enjoy! was a tough year; small mistakes in the early rounds caused me to loose momentum and confidence in my championship. However, I regained confidence at started to ride like myself again and finished the championship by winning the last 4 rounds. It has always been a dream to be British champion and now to be two times British champion it still feels surreal.



2021 Event Reports: The year I became Trial2 World Champion


The two day Italian event was the opener for the Trial GP series. I had a nervous start to the weekend but overall my riding was good and I stayed consistent and finished the day in second just one point from the lead.
The second day went a lot better I really enjoyed the natural sections in the dried up river bed and kept my head together and won the event.
Came away in joint 1st in the championship.


The second weekend on the calendar provided a different range of sections; they were all man made and also very wet. The rain on the Saturday night made for an interesting day on Sunday. I started of very slow on the first lap with too many silly fives which put me down in tenth place. Last lap I really woke up and pushed hard which meant I could end the day in second.
Unfortunately losing the championship lead by three points.


Two days in Andorra for me was perfect to regain my championship lead and take control of the points. The trial really suited my riding and on the first day I felt unstoppable! I took the lead early and kept it that way all day to finish on top. 
The second day unfortunately I had too much bad luck and bad riding which cost me a good position and I had a terrible result and ended up sixth.
This meant I moved back into second in the championship.


I knew that this round would really be a turning point in the championship for me as the trial was all man made sections. The trial was based around the town of Cahors and is normally known for it urban trials. The event was very easy which ended up making it harder to win, but I kept my head all day and went on to clean the trial and not loose any marks. This meant I regained the championship lead which was my ultimate goal.


Two days of competition held in the north of Spain. We got back to natural sections at this venue, really fast running rivers and also some steep banks. I had a 4 point lead going into this event so I knew I just had to stay consistent and get on the podium both days... and thats what I did. Personally its not one of my favourite venues, but I was happy to take away two third places in the end and further extending my championship lead to 8 going into the last round.


The final round of the world championship was held in the small town of gouveia. Another weekend of riding natural river sections, a tense weekend for me but one which came out perfect in the end and finally I rode myself into third place on the day and this meant that I was crowned World Champion. A day to remember forever.



2021 Event Reports


Hookwoods is always the first round of the British calender and this year it was set to be a wet event. I started the day of very slowly, finishing second after the first lap but fortunately I brought it back to finish in first with around 20 points clear of second. A nice way to start the season for me.


The Devon set venue was going to be an exciting event for me, as I had been living in Devon through the winter so I was excited to get it underway. It was a very dry day and a rather easy trial in my eyes. I rode just how I wanted and I stayed consistent and kept away from big mistakes. One small error on the last lap gave the spectators a bit of a scare but other than that I rode the perfect trial coming out on top.


Day 2 of the Devon double header. After riding at Kelly farm the day before we were hoping for some nice weather up on the moors for the Sunday... but it wasn't meant to be. After the first lap the weather came in rather wet and changed the trial massively. Unfortunately the sections were too long for the minute time limit, but it was still a good day and a hard trial in my eyes. I had another good day and came out on top with a good lead over second place. Coming away from this round with a 9 point lead in the championship.


The 7 hour drive to cumbria made for a rather dull start to the 4th round in the championship. Unfortunately the venue was not up to British championship standards in my eyes and a easy day meant one mistake cost dearly. The one mistake I made happened to be a five as well and that cost me the win but it was good to still finish the day in second and keep the lead in the championship.


Another long drive away for the team and also a venue which has never favoured my riding style. A rather easy event meant that I had a rather nervous day riding around Scarborough. I kept my head all day and had two consistent laps to start the day off and that really helped me to win the trial. I also had to best last lap of the trial which meant I got the extra point in the championship.


A good day! In my eyes one of the best events of the series so far and one which I also rode very well at. I came into this event with a lot of confidence, and it showed in the event. I ended up winning the trial and further extended my lead in the championship. I opened the sections throughout the day so I didn't really see anyone else ride - I wasn't expecting my lead to be so big but my second lap of two meant I smoked everyone else coming 35 points in front of second.


This event was the weekend after I was crowned world champion which meant it was going to be a tiring weekend as we had been driving for 28 hours on the Tuesday then had to drive 7 hours to Wales for a double header. The first day wasnt meant to be and I rode okay but rather steady I did not clean enough sections to win the trial. I had too many slack rides which cost me the win but I still had a 16 point lead in the championship.


The second day of the welsh double header was based in mid Wales at the Yamaha adventure centre. This venue is a very natural running event all the sectiosn are in the river surrounding the venue. Personally I struggled all day to find consistency and I couldn't really find a good rhythm but I ended up on top which really surprised me. This meant I had a 21 point lead in the championship after this event and that gave me the British title!!

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